hello, I'm Alek!

I believe that design is a synonym for storytelling. The best projects are those that involve a sentimental bond with the final product. For me the visual representation of an abstract idea in both graphic and physical form is one of the most exciting challenges during the design process. Therefore, project communication is one of my main interests. Atmospheres, proportions, styles, textures and styles are my daily professional language.

Currently working as a designer and graphic communicator in FSOARK in Vancouver, I also serve as a tutor at Elab Foundation, helping young students to prepare their application for art, design and architecture studies all around the world. Besides practicing, I am interested in avid participant in performing art: I am a professional model, played in Polish Association of Graduate Students of Superior School Amateur Theatre, volunteered at Institut Polonais de Paris, Short Waves Film Festival and at UNESCO’s Patrimony Symposium in Paris.

Areas of specialization
• Digital fabrication
• Graphic design and visual communication.
• Mentorship of emerging art and design professionals.


• 1st prize : Organic pavilion design for Sukkah Festival in Vancouver
• 1st prize: "Przekrój" monument design competition for Eilego Square in Krakow
• Concours de Bourgogne  - scholarship for a 3 year exchange programme in a French Highschool in Dijon

Publications and Lectures:

• P as for Portfolio an online course for Elab preparing young students for an application on the British Architecture universities
• Wierszownik - between public and private space  - lecture at the MBA ( International Architectural Biennale) Kraków
• The alternatives for the renderings in communication of an architectural project  - graduation thesis, Paris, France, February
• Eco-design class at Visual College of Art and Design, Vancouver, 2017



alek rokosz model making